The Journey is IN the Moment


In the movie Click, we get to see the humbling, amazing actor, Adam Sandler play a stressed-out, workaholic who wanted to simply fast-forward through the parts in life that he no longer wanted to “deal with.” The concept, while great and all, leaves him feeling empty, alone, and hammered with the realization that his life has come to a screeching halt. He got what he wanted though, did he not? He just forgot the importance of being a bit more specific when asking for “something” when unaware just what that may entail and just how important it is to “be in the moment.”

Look, we have all been there and I am currently residing in a “nearly-there” point in my life as well. Sometimes, just pressing fast-forward or even “pause” would be great and feels like a very tempting “button” to press. Though, what would you be missing on your journey?

Sure, you may avoid a lot of mistakes, possible “failures”, heartbreak, loss, pain; though, how will you know what you can gain, what you are capable of gaining if you never even try? Take if from someone who can truly relate – I have spent years getting to the point to be less of an echo and more of a voice.

To truly accept myself and break away a big part of what made me feel like I “fit-in”, in society has been no easy task. I have had to look at the deepest, darkest pieces of my life puzzle, put them all together, only to rip them apart and start all over again. But, would I change it? The simple answer is “no, I wouldn’t.” Moreover, what parts of me did and do have to change? Not for anyone else except for myself.

Being able to look directly into your SELF is how you truly access your Higher Conscious, and it’s no easy fleet, but is it worth it? Every single day. Notice, the simple answer for me to give here would be, “Yes, it is.” But, that does not leave much room to express my complete and utter understanding of the fear of the Self. I know because I have spent years battling myself, who I was, who I “should be,” all the good stuff. And I continue this every single day.

The only difference now is that I don’t see it as a “battle,” rather more of a challenge. If I can help just one person, just ONE – I have done my job that day. If my words reach millions, billions, TRILLIONS, of people or just ONE – I have done my job that day. I cannot account for what other people do, say, think about what I do, say, or think and you shouldn’t find yourself feeling like you should be accountable for others yourself. Just as, when reversed, you cannot and I cannot hold anyone else accountable for actions “committed” by the Self.

The best part about that?

It is okay!!

One of the most important things I have learned, one of the most helpful quotes, and one thing I literally remind myself of every day:

“It truly is about the journey, not the destination.”

Keep going, things get better and never give up on yourself. When is the last time you did this?


…. ^-^ 🙂

Seriously, you don’t need a convertible to do this!


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