You are NOT a Burden!

Never feel like you’re a burden to loved ones who have passed. Remember, once the ego is released, the fear is gone and all that’s left is love. Even though our loved ones can still FEEL our feelings, they can’t FEEL them as their own. It sounds difficult to comprehend, but if you take a moment to reflect on that thought, that Truth; the clarity is astounding.
Imagine, for a moment, that you could view everything and everyone with eyes that only see love and a heart that only wants to extend that love out to others. All fears aside and removed, imagine the beauty, peace, and joy that brings. That’s how our loved ones, who are no longer in the physical, feel and remain…in love, with hope, and complete bliss.
I’ll say it again: you are never a burden to them. They WANT to help, to comfort, and to just communicate. The love they feel for you, they want you to feel for yourself. That love never dies! Blessings, love and light!
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