“Megan, to say that you have changed my life and the way I viewed my future, is an understatement. After grieving for over two years, and trying so hard to connect to my loved one, I was really worried that they wouldn’t come through. The fact that not only did they come through immediately, the first thing you said was an answer to a question I had desperately needed for years. I gave you no information, you gave me everything! I feel so close to my loved one now, and so at peace. I thought this is was going to be a scary experience, but you are so comforting and gentle that it didn’t cross my mind once! And I think the fact that my loved one came back later to tell you more speaks volumes!! I’ve been telling everyone about you, because your kindness shines through over the phone! It’s obvious you do this more o to help people, and I feel so blessed to have met you and that you helped me. Thank you, you beautiful soul!!!”

– Jamie F.

“Your reading means so much to me; I’m so grateful. You have a beautiful heart and soul. You love helping people and giving them hope.”

– Andrew A.


“Thank you so much for my reading today Megan! Everything you said was dead on! I appreciate you!!”

– Melissa E.

“Thanks, Megan Nicole, for your advice with my new project idea you reminded me that I can’t get discouraged when things seem to not be taking off like I want them to and you helped me also remember that there are going to be bumps in the journey to achieve your desires everyone has them. I have to keep pushing along and one day my ideas with be taking off!!!!! Thanks for the great advice!!!!”

– Kelly M.

“Had a reading with Megan:) She is so in touch, connected, kind and generous in her readings:) Thank you so much!”

– Cassie S.

“Thank you for today and your reading. It’s left me at peace and I will take your advice to heart.”

– Kumutha L.

 “More than I can ever say, I feel blessed and so at ease today, because of her. She is truly gifted and an angel from God.”

– Kristen G.

 “Thank you so very much for my reading! So many things & not enough time for both of us! I look forward to the future of advancement!! You were amazing! Love your energy as well!”

– Miranda K.

 “I’d like to say that Megan has been a mentor to me for some time now and has also enabled me to open up my gifts to a whole new Megan!, you“Thank been a great friend her reading have always been accurate and advice is always exactly what I have needed!”

– Lucinda B.

“It will be the best money you’ve ever spent, she is good!!!💙🤗 ”

– ShirleeAnn C.

“Not only was Megan able to connect me with my father, she also somehow managed to bring forth my wife’s mother. My wife is still alive but was sitting next to me during the reading. We ended up having a conversation where she allowed my wife in without charging extra or anything so it was pretty astonishing, to say the least. I can’t wait to work with her again soon! Thank you, Megan!”

– Johnathon M.

“Thank you, Megan! That was exactly what I needed to hear today!”

– Mallari A.

“A place you learn in a gentle, loving way, no pressure from a very gentle and loving soul! You won’t regret it. Her energy is contagious in just one hour, she uplifted me in ways I can’t even put into words. Thank you, thank you, thank you! She keeps in contact always too! Wish is an awesome plus!”

– Jennifer A.

“So I was hesitant, but have known Megan for a few years now and decided to give it a go. Not only was I blown away by the information received, I also learned how to keep in contact myself. I’m always looking for new ways to improve my self and she has always helped me do just that, improve myself. Thank you, Megan!”

– Ashley A.

“I never thought I could feel so comfortable talking to someone about these topics, but she definitely put me at ease. I also felt very relaxed and had a keener sense of awareness for several days after our session, if not still now. I definitely recommend her if you want a true and actually authentic medium/coach.”

– Paul T.

“I’ve had 3 appointments with Megan now and can say she has literally shown me how to embrace my life in ways I never thought possible. Her heart is pure and her intentions equally so. I’ve never met or talked over the phone with someone so down-to-earth, humble, and honest. She reminds you that you’re human! Awesome, intriguing, and literally life changing. Definitely, definitely recommend her!!!!”

– Tori P.

“Megan literally gave me my life back. Thank you.”

– Rilee S.