The Universe is Always There for Us

It’s amazing to me just how much the Universe is working FOR us and not against us. Sometimes I’ll find myself doubting myself or doubting the Universe and then BAM! It’s like a smack on the head, reminder of the importance of trusting. The synchronicities all start to appear again, the signs, the answers. Even after some time of, what felt like unrelenting silence, the Universe started speaking to me again.

We’ve all been there, where times are rough, Spirit isn’t coming through as much, life feels like a never-ending loop – I get it, trust me! It’s not all sugar cane and lollipops over here either! However, I think it’s important to embrace these times or moments of silence. I believe they are given to us for a reason. A time to self-reflect, a time to embrace finding your own answers within your Higher Self. Then, watching as suddenly things start to make more sense again.

I got in touch with a really dear friend of mine recently after not talking for a while, and she reminded me of my mission here. She reminded me that I give people hope. I was feeling down and it was perfect timing for the Universe to give me that smack in the head, wake me up, and remind me that I AM on the right path.

How are you feeling lately? Have things been quiet? Keep listening. Has the Universe smacked you upside the head? Keep going forth and paying attention! Whatever you’re going through right now, trust that it is leading you to your bliss.

Give thanks!! We’re living in a beautiful earth full of love and abundance. It’s all there just waiting for us to step out and grab it. Trust, even in the quiet times, that the Universe still does and always will have your back. Right where you are is an immaculate place to be.

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