My name is Megan. I am a very down-to-earth, passionate, and understanding intuitive life coach; Florida born and raised.

I have always had an insatiable desire to learn; particularly in the subject matters of psychology, sociology, neuroscience, and physics (think: Quantum). Metaphysics did not come into play until I lost someone very close to me. I could always sense and have always with-held this deep inner-knowing that our Souls live on. Though, I only pondered the possibilities every now and then, prior. Now, I have learned there is a very fine line between here and there.

The “Otherside,” as many like to call it – is not as far as you may think.

I have been a professional intuitive life coach and NLP practitioner for over ten years. I also do work with energy (currently certified in Reiki, level 2 and working on obtaining my Master certification). My main goal and life purpose is to help others discover theirs. All the while, reminding everyone of the truth in our Soul:

We never die. Our physical body is just our “vessel.” Our vehicle with which we use to get around. Our true body (or Self) is found within. Once you look within, you find out even more…you have an entire team of Spirit, loved ones, Angels, and guides helping to navigate you along your path. Once you know who is on your “team,” you gain a better understanding of life, death, purpose, faith, and all that is.

We are all energy, love, peace, & joy. We just seldom take the time to put effort into being our true selves, without shame, doubt, or discomfort. I want to help others see how to achieve this objective in a way that allows freedom of expression and faith in all you do.


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