Creating Motivation

Are you a healer? A baker? A medium? A teacher? A coach? An artist? Are you looking to make a living doing what you love but doubt the possibility? Let me tell you something, it IS possible! You can get beyond what makes you question yourself and become the person actually living out your life purpose! You can do this by recognizing that your “thing,” your niche is something of value. It is something other people are, in fact, interested in and willing to learn more about right now, today!

Whether you want to build a website, start a podcast, begin a Youtube channel – you CAN absolutely do it! Get out of your own way and realize that you have value and you have something wonderful to offer the world! Often times, we wait to do what we love because we are afraid, we don’t have time, we don’t feel motivated, etc. Well, guess what? You create motivation by getting started! Again, you create motivation by getting started! Once you start putting yourself out there, pushing past your fears and shining your light, you’ll yield worthwhile results. I promise you.

You are worthy and you have something to offer the world. Fishing metaphor: you feel it = you reel it! What you feel and know about your life becomes REAL. It becomes your truth. Start today. Focus on what you have that offers value to your life and to the life of others. Take the action steps by simply starting, taking those first steps. From there, watch as you truly make your dreams become reality.

Sending out much love to everyone today and every day! XoXo


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