You Are Your Truth

I want to remind everyone of how amazing you all are!
Are you comfortable with YOU? With your thoughts, your journey, your accomplishments, who you are, etc? Because, if not, you should be! Start noticing, start now, noticing only the good in everything….Try it. Try it just for today. Then check in with yourself tomorrow. Monitor your thoughts, always. Notice them, acknowledge them for what they are; good, “bad”, in-between. Address the “bad” with the reminder that there’s something to learn from this challenge. Acknowledge the good by showing gratitude to yourself, to Spirit, to God (Source, the Universe, etc.), Angels; anyone in your “Spirit Team,” and watch the beauty unfold.
You ARE a Divine being of light, love, joy, hope, Faith, understanding, Truth, and so much more. Remember and remind yourself of that every day. Forgive yourself for past mistakes, humbly commend yourself for achievements, and look to what’s next for you, your life, your development, your SOUL and sole purpose.
When you first start to notice and/or develop your gifts, awareness, etc.; you’re going to have times where you feel nuts. You feel like you’re losing your mind, and in a sense, you are. But, in a beautiful way. Once you let go of your mind a bit more, release that ego; you’re going to see your heart open in ways you never imagined.
Love yourself; embrace your inner-child. Truth needs to be unlocked. The heart of forgiveness and understanding should always be opened. Block out the noise to hear your own voice, get clarity, understand, etc. See how far you’ve come without holding yourself back. Be honest with yourself. Focus on bringing everything back into balance.
You’re not crazy. You start to question your sanity. Nobody else can understand it, they think you’re obsessed, etc.
Every time the thought of “Am I crazy” comes up, you’re reminded that you’re not. God (Source, Universe, whichever to you), your team of Spirit, Angels always reassure us of the Truth. With that said, everyone’s Truth might not be exact duplicates; but, finding and trusting in yours is the most important thing you can do…for yourself, your TRUE SELF (Spirit/Soul), and for others. Bare in mind, you must release your own blocks and heal before doing so with others. Find your Truth.
And don’t be afraid of it or what people think of it. You’re NOT crazy.
-Megan Nicole
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