Choose Love Over Fear

LOVE IS ETERNAL. Love is part of our Truth, our essence, our very Being in this World and beyond. Our connection to God, Source, the Universe, Spirit, Angels, ALL THAT IS, is found through love. Working as a shield against the things we fear the most, love is like the umbrella to the storm of fear. In other words, you want to conquer fear? You must first find love.

Positive Worry

So I know I speak about the high importance of positive thinking to help better your life and the way you live it; but, do you find yourself sometimes struggling with this? Or finding that you simply "worry just too much" to even begin to grab a hold of your thoughts, to begin with? If any of these are true - you are not alone. Also, I can relate! Read On...

Imagination and The Truth About Rome Being Built in a Day…

You know when you "zone out," daydream, where you're in that meditative state of simply being and you suddenly have the thought "Rome wasn't built in a day?" and simultaneously have a vision flash through your mind of your mother's blue scarf, the very same one she gave you the day before she left her physical body? Maybe the thought of "Rome wasn't built in a day" came to remind you that your progressing in your journey and your mother is truly there supporting you the whole way through. When it's sudden or when you're just simply "pondering," allow yourself to do so. Let the love flow through.

Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Thoughts are things! But, you must truly feel and believe in those thoughts for them to manifest. With the way our brains work, the more "neurons that fire together, wire together." This common quote rings very true, especially in tapping into your subconscious mind to break the barrier(s) that may be holding you back from living the life you truly deserve. The main barrier? Convincing your own subconscious mind of your Truth with positive thoughts, outlook, and any needed changes to be made.

Always Stay Curious

Being curious leads to learning new ways to navigate your life. You find out new ways in which your brain actually works for and not against you. When you discover who you truly are, how your brain operates, and just how much power that gives you in dictating your own life and the direction you are going, you become aware of that awareness you've been searching for all along.