Choose Love Over Fear

I want to take a moment to discuss “fear.” What is it? Why do we experience it? And, can it be stopped? First, we’ll take a look at what fear actually is. According to the good ‘ol Merriam-Webster Dictionary, fear is defined as, “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or is a threat.” Now this, alone, tells us that fear is an emotion. Emotions are derived from one’s mood, circumstances, conditioning (social, how-raised, etc.), and/or relationships with others.
Simply put: We CAN choose our emotions, and the ones we don’t like, CAN be changed. We just have to do the inner-work, discipline, and full-intent into making that choice, or that change.
It has been made known to me, numerous times, that one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, choices we make every single day is whether or not we’re going to choose fear or love. Love can be defined in many different ways. For example, “an intense feeling of deep affection,” “a person or thing that one loves,” “feeling a deep romantic attachment to someone,” and so on. I’m not disagreeing with the aforementioned definitions; but, I will say: it goes much deeper than that.
LOVE IS ETERNAL. Love is part of our Truth, our essence, our very Being in this World and beyond. Our connection to God, Source, the Universe, Spirit, Angels, ALL THAT IS, is found through love. Working as a shield against the things we fear the most, love is like the umbrella to the storm of fear. In other words, you want to conquer fear? You must first find love.
Practice meditating. If you’re new to doing so, ask for advice, and pointers will be offered. Just simply breathe and simply be. Look inside to identify what exactly is scaring you. Once you can truly do that, you are able to trump (for lack of a better word lol) fear in its track…with your shield of love. It’s as simple as that.
Love and light!
-Megan Nicole
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