Many of us find ourselves feeling guilty when life isn’t going “according to plan”. Whether our plan or someone else’s plan(s) for us; we can take on burdens that aren’t even there. Have you ever felt like you were just a burden? I know I have. The thing is, none of us are burdens. We’re all here to learn, grow, and expand ourselves in every way possible — physically, mentally, spiritually, etc.

The demands of everyday life, even the simple ones like laundry, can cause us to overlook the moments of peace we have available to us throughout our days. And, when we actually DO grab onto those moments, our to-do lists suddenly flash through our minds, causing us to find it difficult to truly be guiltless in the process.

So how do we begin to let go of guilt and allow ourselves to relax, create, do whatever it is we truly want to do? And no, I don’t mean completely overlooking your responsibilities — I mean simply noticing when it’s okay to bring out your guiltless inner-child. Saying that, we do this by first noticing when we feel guilty. For example, let’s say your laundry (yep, using this example again!) needs to be folded, you suddenly hear your favorite song playing onto Pandora, you decide to really calm your inner-voice and simply listen to the music…but then the thought, “I really need to fold my laundry” slips in, causing you to break out of the state you were entering.

Let me tell you, your laundry can wait. That email you just received can be answered in a bit. There’s no hurry or rush. Of course, we all have deadlines in certain circumstances that we are expected to meet. Still meet those needed deadlines, especially if work-related; but, just like with laundry, ask if it’s something that can wait, even if just a minute or two. Realize that those moments of true inner-peace are always available if you just remember these three words: it can wait.

Be guiltless and feel the music.

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