Creating Motivation

You create motivation by getting started! Once you start putting yourself out there, pushing past your fears and shining your light, you'll yield worthwhile results. 

What is My Purpose?!

What is your passion or passions? What sets your Soul on fire? You don't have to keep it narrowed down to only one thing - you can have (and probably do have!) many passions. Continue...

Facing 2017’s Adversity & Welcoming 2018’s Strength

The funniest part of my year was realizing (for the 100th time) that what I am doing, helping others' AND myself = IS, indeed my purpose.  No matter what anyone else says, thinks or does about my life, your life, ANYONE's life - it only matters what YOU feel about whatever it is.

Freedom Through Creating New “Normalcy”

I know and understand the realistic nature of the need for material wealth. Though, there is a difference between one who is wealthy vs. one who is abundant. Abundance is the true nature of that which we all have access