Are YOU a Medium?

Sir Einstein reminds us, "Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another." We are but energy bodies currently cohabiting, if you will, with our physical "vessels" that compose our physical being. I love Albert Einstein more than words can say, and at this point - he has … Continue reading Are YOU a Medium?

You Manifested Yourself Here

If you are here, you are here for a reason, as I so imperatively mention in the title of this blog and all throughout my published content. Maybe you are wondering what gift or gifts you possess, are genuinely curious, are a skeptic and want to laugh at me, are looking for answers you may or may not be desperately seeking; you were led to my website, to my blog, and to this post for a reason.

Coming Out of the Proverbial Closet

Maybe you have always been known to be a "rebel." That is okay and is simply a "title" that makes you stand out from the masses; thus, causing you to feel "different." What does it mean to be "different" though, exactly? Do you feel like you have always wanted to do something else, something bigger; but, feared you could not find have the confidence to express it? You know that you are able, capable, and extremely gifted, but do you question that? Keep shining your Light, no matter what that Light is and be kind to yourself. Give yourself a break when you start feeling doubt. It takes self-discipline and quieting your thoughts to begin integrating yourself into alignment with your gift(s). You are always heard. It DOES take a while to develop a comfort level with expressing your gifts to others.  You may lose friends, relationships may change - so what? If you know, at the end of the day you are living your Truth - you will never go wrong. Be compassionate with your friends who do not understand. Let your friends, people come to you with questions; do not just come out with "hey, your grandmother is here!!!" Be easy and gentle with people and with yourself, especially in the beginning. Use your gifts responsibly. Never force someone to share the same beliefs you have - just voice them without shame. Know that your gifts are yours for a reason!! Be proud of your strength and your bravery.  It is imperative to note- support is of the utmost importance. If you are in a relationship that does not serve your Highest good - leave. If your friends think you are "crazy" even though you are manifesting the best life for yourself - turn the other way. Know that you are worth way more than those who do not see you for what you truly are - a beacon of Light, Love, Hope, and Faith.