Intuitive Perception

Did you know that by doubting your nudges, PUSHES toward the right direction, you are only, in turn, doubting the most important aspect of your Spiritual and/or personal development? - yourself. Though introduce me to one person who never doubted themselves a day in their lives and I can bet pigs will start flying that very day!  

Are You an Intuitive Healer?

Energy flows where attention goes. Your focus is where you are aiming your energy. Keep aiming high and realize that you DO and ARE making a difference in others' lives every single day. Do not hide your true Self, your talents, your abilities. Embrace them; for, we all need to raise in frequency and vibration. It took me a while to expose myself in the way that I have, but I will tell you - I could not be happier. If you find you resonate with being able to heal intuitively then just remember: you are a light shining for others and are here for a purpose. Step into that purpose and allow yourself to flow.  Follow your intuition without reservation and watch your own life and the lives of others around you improve in profound and astounding ways.