The Universe is Always There for Us

It's amazing to me just how much the Universe is working FOR us and not against us. Sometimes I'll find myself doubting myself or doubting the Universe and then BAM! It's like a smack on the head, reminder of the importance of trusting. The synchronicities all start to appear again, the signs, the answers. Even after some time of, what felt like unrelenting silence, the Universe started speaking to me again. 

You Can’t Feel Anxious When You’re Grateful

Take a second to look around yourself and at your environment. What do you see? Are there clothes you still need to fold? Are there dishes in the sink? Do you feel like your life is a complete mess? Does this make you feel good about yourself? My guess is - probably not. Will you absolutely die if you don't tend to the external "disaster" around you RIGHT THIS SECOND?! My second guess is - no, you won't.