You Can’t Feel Anxious When You’re Grateful

Take a second to look around yourself and at your environment. What do you see? Are there clothes you still need to fold? Are there dishes in the sink? Do you feel like your life is a complete mess? Does this make you feel good about yourself? My guess is - probably not. Will you absolutely die if you don't tend to the external "disaster" around you RIGHT THIS SECOND?! My second guess is - no, you won't.

Positive Worry

So I know I speak about the high importance of positive thinking to help better your life and the way you live it; but, do you find yourself sometimes struggling with this? Or finding that you simply "worry just too much" to even begin to grab a hold of your thoughts, to begin with? If any of these are true - you are not alone. Also, I can relate! Read On...

I Am ME. Not an Illness.

See, when I started on my journey to self-exploration, I started out the typical way. I looked inward, was overwhelmed by how much self-work I needed to do, and spent years going back and forth with hiding from who I was to believing I was so much more. It wasn't until I remembered the process, the journey, the "getting there" to be the whole point. If I hadn't gone through the trials and tribulations I had experienced, where would I be today? My answer?