Creating Motivation

You create motivation by getting started! Once you start putting yourself out there, pushing past your fears and shining your light, you'll yield worthwhile results. 

You Get Better By Having Fun with It

Do you remember playing as a child? In everything you ever did - you were having fun. For example, if you can recall doing the dishes as a child, what do you notice? Were you making "ice cream" cones out of the soap? Click to read..

Imagination and The Truth About Rome Being Built in a Day…

You know when you "zone out," daydream, where you're in that meditative state of simply being and you suddenly have the thought "Rome wasn't built in a day?" and simultaneously have a vision flash through your mind of your mother's blue scarf, the very same one she gave you the day before she left her physical body? Maybe the thought of "Rome wasn't built in a day" came to remind you that your progressing in your journey and your mother is truly there supporting you the whole way through. When it's sudden or when you're just simply "pondering," allow yourself to do so. Let the love flow through.