The Universe is Always There for Us

It's amazing to me just how much the Universe is working FOR us and not against us. Sometimes I'll find myself doubting myself or doubting the Universe and then BAM! It's like a smack on the head, reminder of the importance of trusting. The synchronicities all start to appear again, the signs, the answers. Even after some time of, what felt like unrelenting silence, the Universe started speaking to me again. 

You are NOT a Burden!

Never feel like you're a burden to loved ones who have passed. Remember, once the ego is released, the fear is gone and all that's left is love. Even though our loved ones can still FEEL our feelings, they can't FEEL them as their own. It sounds difficult to comprehend, but if you take a moment to reflect on that thought, that Truth; the clarity is astounding.

Choose Love Over Fear

LOVE IS ETERNAL. Love is part of our Truth, our essence, our very Being in this World and beyond. Our connection to God, Source, the Universe, Spirit, Angels, ALL THAT IS, is found through love. Working as a shield against the things we fear the most, love is like the umbrella to the storm of fear. In other words, you want to conquer fear? You must first find love.


Many of us find ourselves feeling guilty when life isn't going "according to plan". Whether our plan or someone else's plan(s) for us; we can take on burdens that aren't even there. Have you ever felt like you were just a burden? I know I have. The thing is, none of us are burdens. We're all here to learn, grow, and expand ourselves in every way possible -- physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. 

How to Be Happy

You make you happy. It's not your conditions or the people around you that make you happy -- it is YOU! Believing that it's up to externals such as money, relationships, etc. to make you happy only disempowers you. When you realize that it's you who makes you happy, you automatically put yourself in a happier state. With this, notice how much more in control of your life you become.